FIBA 3×3 World Tour Caps Off Successful in Two-Day Manila Stage

Manila – The annual FIBA 3×3 World Tour Challenge graced a successful romp over the weekend in front of a huge crowd of basketball aficionados at the Robinsons Place Manila.

This two-day basketball showdown between competing dribblers from different parts of the world gave the spectators a one-of-a-kind execution of not just normal basketball routines, but also never before seen stunts such as the slam dunk competition.

Headlined by three of the best ballers each from their respective countries, the FIBA 3×3 World Tour set the match up stages for the three-man squads, two of which are Manila North and Manila West who both represented the Philippines.

Before closing the event curtains with flying colors, the challengers showed their finale moves as they went up against each other in the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals stages. Here are the Day 2 results of the FIBA 3×3 World Tour Manila.

Quarterfinals Round:

1st match Novisad Alwahda (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) defeats Auckland (NEW ZEALAND), 21-10

2nd match Doha (QATAR) defeats Ljubljana (SLO), 20-18


3rd match Manila North (PHILIPPINES) defeats Kobe (JAPAN), 21-19

4th match Manila West (PHILIPPINES) vs Longshi (CHINA), 21-19


Semifinals Round:

1st match SF Nova Alwahda (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) defeats Doha (QATAR), 21-13

2nd match Manila North (PHILIPPINES) defeats Manila West (PHILIPPINES), 21-19


Finals Round:

Nova Alwahda (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) defeats Manila North (PHILIPPINES), 21-14

Finals Most Valuable Player: Terrence Bill Romeo

Slam Dunk Contest Winner: Rey Guevarra