Kings Cup: Team West hangs on as they survive Team East’s rally

Photo By Jamil Buergo/Sports Gateway PH

Playing with some sense of urgency, Team East buckled down to work early led by Ko Ping Chung as the Asians caught up with Team West, 5-5, before bowing down with 2-straight losses in the end to finish Day 2, 7-5, West still leading at the Kings Cup Tournament at the Resorts World Manila.

Ko Ping Chung of Taiwan completely dominated Albin Ouschan in a singles match, 5-0, with the 20 year-old youngster from Taiwan making all of his shots. He later teamed up with Efren Reyes as they beat the tandem of Darren Appleton and Shane Van Boening, 5-3.

In the other singles match, East captain Efren Reyes took an early 4-0 lead before West captain Mika Immonen tried to make a comeback racking up 2 straight wins. But a miss on the 9-ball in the seventh rack paved the way for Efren Reyes’ first win in the tournament.

The triples and 4-on-4 matches went to Team West’s favor , 5-2 and 5-3 respectively, as they clearly showed they are working as a team compared to Team East. Communication (or lack of it) seemed to be a problem for Team East as they hardly talk to each other during their matches. But team captain Efren Reyes was quick to downplay such problem as he said he knows the individual capabilities of his Taiwanese teammates. “Senyas lang pwede na!” (We’re ok with making signs) said Reyes.

In the last match of the evening, captains of both sides chose Ko Pin Yi and Shane Van Boening to play a singles match. Van Boening, who lost to Ko in the World 9-ball championships 2 months ago, was able to get some revenge as he totally outclassed Ko Pin Yi, 5-0.

Team East has only 1 day left to make things work for them. They have to win 5 matches to snatch the title from Team West, who only needs to win 3 more matches.